Haley Gowland ’17 (Pitch)
Major: Music
Minor: Psychology
Fun fact: Front-woman of the indie-alternative band, The Cranks (check them out on Spotify!)





Andie Pratt ’17 
Major: Film Studies
Minor: Music: Vocal Perfomance
Fun Fact: Will be an intern at the Disney College Program!





Julia Meyer ’17  
Major: Environmental Studies and French
Fun Fact: Studied abroad in Madagascar!




Meridan Cavanaugh ’18
Major: Classics
Minor: Astronomy
Fun Fact: Is a certified rescue diver!





Moll Brown ’18
Major: Music Education
Minor: Gender and Women’s Studies
Fun Fact: Has worked at a vegan cafe!





Stephanie Foster ’18
Major: Music: Vocal Performance
Fun Fact: Is an aspiring opera singer!





Becca Nash ’19 (Business Manager)
Major: Psychology
Minor: Math and Music: Vocal Performance
Fun Fact: Loves cheese 🙂





Emily Ehler ’19
Major: Psychology
Minor: Classics and Art
Fun Fact: Is secretly both Mexican and Puerto Rican!






Emmaline Nathans ’19
Major: History
Minor: Art
Fun Fact: Loves mermaids!







Katie Fricke ’20
Major: Government/International Relations
Minor: Arabic
Fun Fact: Has been to 7 countries!






Fiona Noyes ’20
Major: Philosophy
Minor: Theatre and Classics
Fun Fact: Has paddle boarded to Steven Tyler’s house!




Margot Weiss ’20
Major: Theatre
Minor: Music: Vocal Performance
Fun Fact: Was born with six fingers on her right hand!






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